„Gomba” Building, Budapest


„Gomba"-„Mushroom" Building, Móricz Zsigmond circus Budapest

General designer: Hetedik Műterem Ltd.
Original architect: József Schall (1942)
Architects in charge: Levente Szabó, Zsolt Gyüre
Co-architects: Balázs Biri , Dávid Kohout, Orsolya Simon
Landscape architects: Csenge Csontos, Borbála Gyüre
Client: Council of Újbuda
Photos: Balázs Biri, Tamás Szentirmai
Award: BÉK Nívó prize (2015)
Size: 450 m²

With the assignment of Újbuda municipality – as a continuation of our winning the 2009 competition – we refined the basis of our design. The grandiosity of the original plan (or even the state of the first building period) had been scarcely carried out to the current condition of the building. The first realised phase, the asymmetry required by the function and further alterations already distorted the original concept (1942). During the reconstruction, our main principles were to achieve the perfect circular symmetry, undertaking the reinterpretation of conservation aspects. On the original contour, frameless glazing, concrete panels appear, while on the ground floor, all service functions were placed into furniture-like interior elements. Today’s requirements of technical engineering standards essentially are in conflict with the original architectural design. Thus, our important objective was to eliminate every technical installation, bodywork etc. To this end, specific innovative solutions have been used.


Daniel Kovács: Odrazy veku, ARCH 2014/12


Miklos Petterfy: The Story of the Futurist Mushroom, Zeppelin 2014/09