Re_ construction, exhibition


Exhibition of Hetedik Műterem, 03.12.2015 – 10.01.2016

Graphics, exhibition plan: Ákos Polgárdi, Ágnes Rubik
Photos: Ákos Polgárdi, Sári Ember, Balázs Biri

In autumn 2015, we have introduced ourselves at FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture in the framework of an exhibition. The recently completed or ongoing projects of the 10-year-old office are radically different both in their genre and in their scale. The partial conversion of the Technical University’s hall building, the renewal of the historical pavilion on a public plaza, the university memorial, the public plaza revitalization and the Buda Castle monumental reconstruction design of particular significance required different strategies, theoretical basis and practical considerations. These design ideas have been implemented by our office sometimes in different personal and organizational forms. Still, when looking back over the past period one might feel a special unity: all works were projects of conversion, reinterpretation, renewal, redefinition, continuation, specific and unique transformation and metamorphosis. And as this could have happened is a gift of fate: the exhibition tried to share and present this joy. In addition to the works on show, also the exhibition was realized as a “sixth work of art” through the unique exhibition design of Ákos Polgárdi and Ágnes Rubik.