Synagogue on Paprét, Sopron


Synagogue on Paprét, Sopron, architectural and utilisation ideas competition, purchase

Architects of charge: Levente Szabó, Dávid Józsa
Co-architects: Balázs Biri, Dávid Kohout, Attila Erdei
Size: 611m²

The synagogue in Sopron Paprét is not merely a special spatial treasure (monument) worthy for a better fate. It is a historical relic and the memory of 1524 victims. Our concept is double: on one hand, the appropriate renovating of the building, concerning the former function, and the remembrance of the perished community, on the other.
In proposal we refurbished the original ornaments and the roof; everything on the outer surface has been whitewashed. We also recontructed the garden concerning the original properity borders. We have built a 4 metres high solid wall around it which gets thicker to the new borders. This part of the constellation contains all functions which are no worthy for the former Synagogue’s building – from this building we can peek the existing building through not more than three cutouts. The Synagogue concealed, and the tension of restrained sensation express the dramatic force of the duality of the garden and buildng, and make it possible us to remember in a non-narrative, personal way.