Gomba, Art relic building, Budapest


Art relic building, Gomba on Móricz Zsigmond Circus, Budapest, utlization and architectural competition, shared 1. prize

Architect in charge: Levente Szabó
Co-architects: Orsolya Almer, Orsolya Simon, Tibor Tánczos
Co-designer: András Páll
Size: 330m²

Our concept was to treat the art relic of József Schall with proper respect but determined courage. At the same time we redefined the currently closed space structure, to put forward and intensify the presence of the urban public space. The function-lost building structure can hardly satisfy the usage of the 21. century urban square, while there is undeniably a building-ouvre which – with renewal and redefinition – can change not only the square but the surroundings into a real event-space. Our concept – keeping and reinforcing the Gomba building’s conception – aimed to create an open, see-through, variable building, or more accurately: a public event-space. Keeping the current triad, we imagined moveable and variable pavilions under the art relic’s roof and in-between the column hall, thus it shall delicately integrate with the surrounding public surfaces. All of this – beyond the functional advantages detailed in the plan – can trigger the Gomba building to become an emblematic key-character of the whole Cultural City Center.