Mass celebrating place on Anna-rét


Budapest City, District XII, Hegyvidék, mass celebrating and memorial place on Anna-rét, national ideas competition

Senior architects: Balázs Biri, Levente Szabó
Co-architects: Rebeka Monory, Máté Pálfy
Visualization: Bence Falussy, Éva Sághegyi

Our vision was an intervention which did not appear as a point-like new sign but more like a landscape architectural gesture, providing a worthwhile framework for various events of pilgrimage as well as for the recreation usage of the area. Our proposal can be perceived as a sign associated with the topography of the site. The plan includes a filigree-structure walkway with a circular plan and a diameter of 70 m, starting from the ground level, but continuing as a canopy walkway climbing up to the tree foliage, or at a certain section even higher. The ring has several roles: on the one hand, it designates the space of the ceremonies on the Anna-rét and provides them with a worthy background, on the other hand, it also covers and shades the space of the liturgy. In addition, it can become a special element of Normafa as a walkable, experienceable trail, formed in a way that does not confront but strengthen the sacral function.