Weöres Sándor Theater, Szombathely


Weöres Sándor Theater, Szombathely, National idea-competition

Architects: Orsolya Almer, Orsolya Simon, Levente Szabó, Tibor Tánczos, Rita Terbe,
Co-designers: András Páll, Kinga Vándor, András Vízvárdi
Size: 16400m²

As the idea competition left the boundary conditions free, we evaluated the urban structure’s contexts, and gave proposal to contract programs. The Pelikán park and the Március 15. Square was imagined as one public park composed in one block in our proposal. Beside its essential communicational message, the cities peculiarity could be such a green theatre that wears off the boundaries of the built and natural forms, and the theatres basic interpretation could be enriched with specific associations of ideas. To our belief this could be the real peculiarity of the Weöres Sándor theatre of Szombathely.
We were thinking of a theatre where all the functions can be developed flexibly. In accordance with our concept the theatre is about community rooms, thus we considered their festive shaping essentially important. Carved rock? Theatrical curtain? Floating set? In our opinion this wide range of associations enrich the interpretation, and makes the theatre an appealing, frequented place.