Rehabilitation of the Castle District of Sopron


Rehabilitation of the Castle District of Sopron, National competition 2nd prize

Architect in charge: Levente Szabó
Co-architects: Orsolya Almer, Jessica Dvorzsák, Orsolya Simon, Tibor Tánczos
Landscape designers: Csenge Csontos, Borbála Gyüre (Geum Műterem Ltd.)
Co-designer: András Páll

The real beauty of the Várkerület is its continuously changing cross section on cca. 1,5km, creating continuously altering spacial qualities, including also the bouyancy of the Várkörút. This dichotomy is the greatest value we intended to emphasise in our proposal.
We created such a spatial net and network which most resembles of sheet papers iconography as it arranges the spatial elements. At the same time, our proposal’s system is precisely functional too: it exploits the possibilities of the above mentioned duality while it can congeal into an emblematic, identity-creating landscape as a whole.