Great exhibition hall, Pécs


Great exhibition hall, Pécs, Káptalan Street, National competition

Architects: Ágota Józsa, Gábor Sajtos, Levente Szabó
Co-designers: Zoltán Gyüre, András Páll, Orsolya Simon, Ádám Tóth
Size: 6200m²

After attaining the title of the European Capital of Culture, this “Great exhibition hall” and the related developments would have initiated a new identity and image forming investment among the many other projects of the historical downtown of Pécs. We found it important to preserve the Káptalan streets stone retaining wall, as an important element of the location. In spite of the fact that the museum’s main entrance is approachable from the extant inner court we also ensured an intensive connection with and the upper public garden. Our building is much more a landmark, than a house by strongly binding with the scale of the public garden. The interior triple articulation, resulting from the different height demands, appears on the outside as well, establishing a roof divided into three passable frames. We found it important to let natural light into the building in this subterranean position, although total darkening can be ensured. We imagined that the forefront with its canopy and the façade is cased with Zsolnay-patterened original glass and ceramics which pad the main lounges roof, while it appears transparently as a glass pattern through the walls between the museums and the main lounge. The same pattern appears on the artificial stone façade as an abstract cast, while it appears as an enlarged sieved pattern on the main lounge.