The grave of Attila József


The grave of Attila József, Budapest, Fiumei Street graveyard, National competition

Designer: Levente Szabó
Co-designer: Máté Antal

Remembering is a kind of meditation. When talking about Attila József it is trivially the words and lines, which we soaked in through our lives. Péter Esterházy’s gesture was also a procedure of meditation, in which he copied Géza Ottlik’s School at the frontier onto one piece of paper. The result is not only a text, not an image, not even an ornament by itself: but it is becoming one with texts and words. My concept involves a same kind of a procedure: the way into the grave can unavoidably happen through the texts, we do not carry stones or flowers but words and shredded lines. The fragments on Attila József’s grave are carefully chosen words, collocations which call forth continuations, and associations to other pieces of poetry. Furthermore, the forth called word and lines are enriched by new and new meanings. Thus the grave shall be built by meanings of imagination, by standing beside it whispering or saying the words out loud to build this a very, but not a bit real memorial.