School and Library, Esztergom


Szent István Square, Esztergom, School and Library, National Competition

Architects: Bálint Marosi, Levente Szabó, Rita Terbe,
Co-designers: Máté Antal, Orsolya Simon
Size: 2400m²

Our assignment was to design near a very definite urban scale joint. The location cannot be separated from its wider surroundings: the Várhegy, the building of the Basilica standing out of the city, the huge ramp and the prebendal buildings. Our goal was to establish buildings that can adapt into the extant environment with its shaping and forming, and, at the same time, it can create order with its deployment and approach in this exceptionally delicate heterogenic urban structure. The key question was the connection between the block, the Basilicas axis, the prebendal buildings and the direction appointed by the huge ramp. Our proposal indicated the placement of three alleys in front of the designed building, which serves many functions. It ensures a proper entrance hall for the school and library buildings, and also serves as a resting park, but its gesture towards the city is very important: the alley is strong enough to cut off the axis of the Basilica and the ramp strengthened by the prebendal buildings, so it can worthily respond.