Corvinus dorm

2017- 2018

Corvinus University of Budapest, dormitory and professors’ guest apartments, Budapest IX. Czuczor street, national competition, 1st prize

Client: Corvinus University of Budapest
Architects: Levente Szabó, Balázs Biri
Co-designers: Rebeka Monory, Orsolya Simon, Máté Pálfy, Anna Breuer
Visualization: Bence Falussy
Area: 7000 m²

Attached to the existing firewalls the proposed building is linked to the area’s characteristic urban fabric of inner courtyards by connecting the adjacent courts’ structures. The separation and layout of the blocks is allowing the sunlight to reach the rooms and therefore providing natural illumination. By arranging the communal spaces in a separate tower, the concept is preventing private rooms from facing each other. Consisting of a wing with two rows of rooms facing the Czuczor street and a perpendicular one with only one row of rooms, the dorm itself is built upon the volume of the ground floor and the tower with communal and operational spaces as a base. The tower with the communal spaces, which is attached to the rearmost firewall, can be reached through two-storied bridges from the dorm. Both ends of the bridges are linked to spatial expansions connected through openings in the ceilings. These spatial expansions and the bridges themselves are transitional spaces of the communal tower. The formation of the facade is based on the separation between the two main components of the building: the ground floor with the communal tower and the L-shaped volume of the domitory. The connection of those two parts created through bridges is resulting in a unique, loose spatial situation, which can be understood as an experimental reinterpretation of the urban fabric of Pest which is determined by the structure of the inner courtyards.